December 3, 2021

El Clasico rebrand & logo: Exploring LaLiga’s vision behind new-look Real Madrid-Barcelona clash

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LaLiga have unveiled a new eye-catching rebrand and logo for El Clasico ahead of Sunday’s showdown

The world of football will come to a standstill on Sunday when Barcelona and Real Madrid step out at the Camp Nou to contest the 247th official edition of the biggest fixture in the world game: El Clasico.

While this storied clash has been taking place since 1902, this will be the first edition of the match since LaLiga revealed their new El Clasico brand identity.

Over 600 million people across 180 different countries are expected to watch Sunday’s meeting, with only four countries not set to broadcast the must-see fixture.

Lionel Messi has gone, Cristiano Ronaldo has gone, it’s an all-new El Clasico, with an all-new look, and here’s everything you need to know.

El Clasico’s new brand: What is it?

According to a La Liga press release, the new brand identity and El Clasico logo represents and reflects “the essence of this iconic football encounter: rivalry, strength, passion, technology, innovation, dynamism, spectacle and global reach.”

The league’s ambition is to use the new El Clasico branding, as designed by agency Vasava, to generate an even more valuable asset, enhancing the brand value both of the match itself and La Liga as a whole.

They believe that the new brand identity fives El Clasico—this most iconic and popular of sporting showdowns—an immediately recognisable and ultimately unique visual identity.

“The branding project’s aim is to reflect the DNA of what this legendary encounter symbolises,” LaLiga explained to Goal Africa, “rivalry, strength, passion, technology, innovation, dynamism, entertainment and globality.”

LaLiga TV Head of Programming and Content Roger Brosel explained further.

“This is something new for this season, just like it’s going to be new the first show we’re doing with [new host] Gary Lineker and Aitor Karanka,” he told Goal.

El Clasico logo: What does it mean?

According to AS, “the logo is a groundbreaking, young, exciting, football and powerful image, which will be able to connect with the audience and, specifically, more clearly with younger fans.

“The style of the logo is inspired by urban culture,” the local source continues, “e-sports and the new audiovisual trends that have emerged with streaming platforms.”

What are LaLiga TV broadcasting around El Clasico?

As well as the eye-catching visual rebrand, LaLiga TV are also offering a range of compelling programming around El Clasico allowing you to get a 360 view of the biggest fixture on the planet.

First up, there’s Analysing El Clasico, a feature focusing in on the tactical variables and solutions employed by the head coaches of both clubs during the start of the ongoing season.

There’s also El Clasico: The Movie, which explores the match preparations and presents an in-depth portrayal of the behind-the-scenes broadcast and transmission elements that go into bringing this iconic Barcelona-Real Madrid bout to a global audience.

Finally, there is The Road to El Clasico, which explores the form guide for both Barcelona and Real as they have approached the biggest match of the season.

The duo have endured their fair share of highs and lows during the campaign so far, and this movie takes you through every twist and turn with a glossy cinematic film.