October 22, 2021

Incitement, false allegations land Yanga SC’s Mwakalebela five-year TFF ban

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The sanction on the top official comes after another Timu ya Wananchi man was earlier banned for three years

The Tanzania Football Federation has banned Yanga SC vice-chairman Fredrick Mwakalebela for five years for inciteful statements.

The Timu ya Wananchi top official had been accused of inciting the club supporters and members against the TFF and its affiliate bodies, and after a hearing, the federation’s relevant committee found Mwakalebela guilty and consequently banned him.

“Tanzania Football Federation Disciplinary Committee has banned Yanga SC’s vice-chairman [Fredrick] Mwakalebela from football activities for five years,” a statement obtained by Goal read.

“Mwakalebela has also been fined Tsh5,000,000 after he was found guilty of inciteful statements for the Yanga fans, the members against football administration bodies in the country.

“The judgement has been delivered pursuant to Article 73(4) of TFF Regulations of 2013.”

Bernard Morrison’s transfer controversy pitting the Kariakoo clubs – Yanga and Simba – against eachother is also responsible for landing Mwakalebela in the TFF’s hot water. The official was charged for falsely claiming he had obtained a copy of Morrison’s contract with Simba.

Yanga are contesting Morrison’s contract, saying it fell short of legal requirements but the committee found Mwakalebela’s defence insufficient and fined him without a ban.

“On February 19 2021, Mwakalebela, in a press conference, claimed that TFF and the Tanzania Premier League Board are biased towards Yanga, claims he failed to substantiate before the disciplinary committee,” the statement added.

“In the second count, on October 1, Mwakalebela claimed that he had a copy of the contract that [Bernard] Morrison’s signed with Simba. He knew he was lying and his act was against the law.

“The Disciplinary Committee found him guilty on that count and consequently warned him not to repeat such a mistake in the next five years. He has also been fined Tsh2,000,000 in accordance with article 6(1) of the TFF Regulations of 2013.”

Mwakalebela’s ban comes after Yanga’s media man Hassan Bumbuli was banned for three years.

“Yanga SC’s media liaison officer Hassan Bumbuli has been banned from engaging in football matters either in the country or outside the country for the next three years,” the committee’s statement, obtained by Goal, read at the time.

“The judgment has been made based on Article 78(8)(a) of the 2013 regulations. The defendant (Hassan Bumbuli), was accused of failing to obey an initial order that had been issued by the disciplinary committee.

“On September 28, 2020, the committee ordered Bumbuli to pay TSh5 million and further ordered him not to commit another disciplinary issue within a period of two years. He never obeyed the order and did not appeal against the judgement.”

The new orders and sanctions, in addition to Morrison’s incomplete case, are expected to generate more friction between the federation and the record Mainland Premier League giants.