October 17, 2021

Tim Tszyu: Charlo Stopped Hogan in Seven, I Did it in Five – I Can Compete With Big Boys!

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Undefeated junior middleweight star Tim Tszyu is looking for even bigger things after crushing world title challenger Dennis Hogan in their Steel City Showdown in Newcastle.

The 26-year-old Tszyu (18-0) kept pounding on Hogan to the head and body – until the corner of the Irish boxer threw in the towel. 

Tszyu is the WBO’s number one ranked challenger – which puts him in line for a crack at current world champion Brian Castano.

Tszyu is now loooking to get in the ring with one of the top names in the weight class.

“I’m not satisfied,” Tszyu said. “I want to be a global boxing star. That’s my goal. It’s always been my goal and I need those big guys. We’re at that stage where I do believe I can compete with the big boys.

“Charlo got rid of Hogan in seven [rounds]. I do it in five. So my pace was a bit more quicker than Charlo’s. I want an international fight. I want to be recognized globally.”

Tszyu, the son of former world champion Kostya Tszyu, has broken away from his famous father’s shadow.

“I thought it was going to last a bit longer. I thought I’m going to slow him down even more but he started slowing down from round three,” Tszyu said.

“I just slowly started picking it up and it was a mixture of body and head [that caused the damage] because the head shot was what dropped him.

“He was feeling every shot and it was only going downhill [for him]. I thought I was picking it up every minute and it was just a matter of time. He was getting worse and worse and I think his corner did a good job. When I’m in the ring, this is my kingdom.

“Round one I was a bit too excited. That comes with experience. In rounds two and three I was able to slow it down and not not rush and be able to pick my certain shots. I was rushing a bit and I wasn’t 100% happy with that performance.”