June 24, 2021

‘We will be back at Spurs for sure’ – Pochettino’s assistant Perez says ex-Tottenham boss still has good relationship with chairman Levy

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The Argentine is settling into his new role at Paris Saint-Germain but remains in regular contact with his old employer despite his sacking

Mauricio Pochettino still has a good relationship with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, according to assistant manager Jesus Perez, who says “we will be back at Spurs for sure”.

Perez was Pochettino’s assistant in north London until his sacking in 2019, and has followed him to his new job at Paris Saint-Germain.

Levy celebrates 20 years at Tottenham on Thursday and both Perez and Pochettino were appreciative of his hands-on style.

What has been said?

Perez told the Evening Standard: “Every day Daniel crossed to Mauricio’s office and he joined us on the topic we were discussing.

“Then most of the time we had breakfast with him and lunch at the training ground. We, as a staff, never started lunch until Mauricio or Daniel was at the table. That’s something we always respected.

“Mauricio and Daniel still text each other and they have a very good relationship. We don’t have any bad feelings with Daniel. The other way around. It was a professional decision.

“At some point, we had to split but we will be back at Spurs for sure.”

Why did Pochettino leave Tottenham?

Pochettino was sacked in November 2019 with Spurs 14th in the Premier League, less than six months after losing the Champions League final to Liverpool.

Pochettino had signed a five-year deal at the start of the previous season but Tottenham’s inability to build on their European run, hampered in the transfer market by spending on their new stadium, saw Pochettino’s team lose its edge.

“It was not because he didn’t want to sign,” Perez said. “It’s because the level that the team needed and the big decisions to allow players to go was really difficult.

“At some point, as everyone knows, visions were different.

“The circumstances of the club, they couldn’t please what the team needed or the manager needed to keep progressing. Because of the training centre and then the stadium.

“To keep that level and keep progressing and build a stadium, probably it was impossible.”

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