June 14, 2021

How much does it cost to sign Messi on FIFA 21?

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Barca’s Argentine legend could be set to leave Camp Nou in reality and is also available to buy in FIFA 21

Lionel Messi was on the verge of leaving Barcelona last summer but decided to stay another year.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner will be one of the most in-demand players ever on the transfer market when or if he finally leaves Camp Nou.

Luckily, in FIFA 21 you can convince him to move on from Barcelona and see can he continue his greatness elsewhere.

How much does Messi cost and what does it take to sign him?

How much does it cost to sign Messi in FIFA 21?

Messi is still one of the most valuable players in the world and this is reflected in FIFA 21, where his value is around £95 million.

To get Barcelona to sell him, you may be able to make a lower offer as the 33-year-old is looking to move on from the club.

A bid between £85 million and £90 million is often enough to begin negotiations with the player, but clubs with lower budgets may be able to include swap players in a deal to drive the price down further.

Barcelona are in the market for a right-back, midfielders and forwards, so may be willing to do a deal if you have suitable players you can transfer in return.

When does Messi’s contract expire in FIFA 21?

Just like in real life, Messi has just one season left on his contract at the start of Career Mode in FIFA 21.

This means that he will be available on a free transfer at the end of the first season if Barcelona are unable to tie him down to a new deal.

Sometimes, however, the Argentina international decides to retire at the end of the 2020-21 campaign rather than move to a new club.

His contract at Barcelona is around £500k each week and he will expect a similarly high wage at his next club.

What is Messi’s potential in FIFA 21?

Once again, Messi is the highest-rated player in FIFA with an overall current ability of 93.

This is also his maximum potential as he is 33 and unlikely to get better in any of his statistics.

His attributes can even decrease after signing him as he gets closer to retirement, while injuries can also see his ratings plummet.

How much does it cost to sign Messi in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Messi’s lack of pace in FIFA has always made him a relatively cheap option in Ultimate Team despite his high rating.

That is the same again in FIFA 21, where he initially cost around 1m coins, but is now less than 200k on Xbox, around 200k on PlayStation and 300k on PC.

Special editions of Messi, including Team of the Week and Champions League cards cost more than three times these amounts.

Messi’s 98-rated Team of the Year card will be out of most people’s price ranges as he costs more than 3m on all platforms.