October 23, 2021

‘Did a school boy design this logo?’ – Perak’s new crest draws fans’ derision

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On Monday evening, Malaysia Super League clubs Kuala Lumpur and Perak announced their new images, to varying responses

Following last year’s privatisation/separation process that was undertaken by almost all of Malaysian professional teams, Kuala Lumpur and Perak on Monday evening announced their new images, at almost the same time.

Recent Malaysia Super League promotional side Kuala Lumpur announced that they will be known as Kuala Lumpur United, while also unveiling their new crest.

The City Boys however have played it safe with their new crest, retaining from their previous FA crest the elements of crescent and moon and knowledge, which are overlaid over a football. These elements are now in turn overlaid over a bigger circle and three blades, the colour of red, blue and yellow each.

Posted by Kuala Lumpur United on Monday, 1 February 2021

Although there are fans who responded to the crest update social media announcement with mild criticism, the club’s fans were generally receptive of it.

The same cannot be said of Perak however.

Through its social media, the club that will celebrate the 100th year of its founding this year revealed that it will be known as Perak FC from now on.

However, their new crest; a white bull on top of a black shield with yellow border, has been met universal derision and contempt by their own supporters due to the perceived incompleteness of it.

The bull also looks suspiciously similar to design elements that are freely-available from the Internet, as pointed out by several social media users.

Awang Iman wrote: “Son of a b***h, it’s so ugly. They should have organised a crest-designing competition among the fans like what Kedah FC and Terengganu FC have done. All their fans’ contributions.”

Shafizzad Shahudan commented: “I’m so sad that you’ve done such a thing. How can the crest look like this if we’ve been around for 100 years?”

Amir Megat did not mince his words: “Did they get a school kid to design this abomination of a logo?”

Fadzly Suhaimi wrote: “My god, this is what you came up with after 100 years? Might as well just shut down the team, at least we will no longer have to cut down and sell the state’s timbers just to pay the players. Better to use the money to help the state’s poor instead. The crest is an important thing but you all have no passion and are doing it half-heartedly. Go kick a bucket.”