July 29, 2021

Fifa Covid-19 relief fund to pay FKF’s debt on Amrouche salaries instead of Kenyan players

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On the positive side, FKF has pointed out they are among the few federations with a clean audit record

Fifa will use the Covid-19 relief funds meant for Kenya to settle the debt owed to former Harambee Stars coach Adel Amrouche.

The world football organizing body had promised member associations $1 million to help players and teams after the pandemic paralyzed footballing activities for the better part of the 2019/20 season.

While other players and clubs in some countries enjoyed the relief from Fifa, it was not the same case in Kenya.

“We have heard many non-factual theories regarding the Fifa Covid-19 relief funds meant for Kenya,” Barry Otieno who is the FKF Secretary-General doubling up as the CEO told Radio Jambo.

“However, I want to make it clear that the monies are channelled to the debt FKF owe former coach Amrouche which currently stands at Ksh89 million.”

FKF was ordered by the Court of Arbitration for Sports to pay coach Adel Amrouche Sh109 million in a fine. This was imposed on the country’s football governing body and was due to the wrongful dismissal of the former Harambee Stars coach in 2014.

“When Amrouche was being dismissed, I was not part of FKF, I was somewhere else starting life,” Barry continued.

“If we wouldn’t have agreed the monies to be channelled to Amrouche, Kenya would have been locked out of international competitions. Actually, even the forthcoming Afcon qualifying game against Egypt would not have happened.

“To avoid all these, we had to swallow a bitter pill and let the Covid-19 relief monies go to him.

“So those who are spreading baseless rumours over the same should stop.”

The youthful administrator went on to insist the FKF is in good books with Fifa as opposed to many countries.

“Monies from Fifa and Caf are not used, as a federation my wish since they come with regulations and guidelines.

“Nevertheless, Fifa audits the Federation every year and as we speak, FKF has passed the annual Fifa Central Audit which not many countries pass. Even one of our neighbouring countries has failed on the same.

“They came and we shared with them our records and they were satisfied because we had used the monies provided appropriately.”