July 29, 2021

Whyte: I Want To Smash Povetkin’s Face In, He Pretends To Be Nice Guy – He Will Pay!

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Dillian Whyte wants revenge when he faces Alexander Povetkin in a rematch on March 6th, with the location yet to be finalized.

They collided back in August at Matchroom’s Fight Camp in Brentwood, with Povetkin scoring a sensational fifth round knockout of Whyte to capture the WBC’s interim-heavyweight title.

Povetkin had been dropped twice in the fourth, but the Russian boxer came out in the following round and landed a vicious uppercut that sent Whyte down and out – forcing the contest to get waved off immediately.

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The rematch was initially booked for a date in November – and then January – with both dates being postponed as Povtekin needed time to recover from COVID-19.

Whyte openly questioned the medical diagnosis, stating in interviews that his upcoming opponent was using COVID as an excuse to buy himself additional time to get physically ready for the rematch. 

Povetkin shot back, stating that his handlers have all of the medical records to back up his COVID diagnosis.

He strongly felt if anyone was benefiting from the delay – it was Whyte – because he suffered a bad knockout.

Povetkin’s recent statements have enraged Whyte, who wants to pay him back in the ring.

In fact, Whyte believes Povetkin was able to manipulate him by presenting a fake “nice guy” persona – which the British boxer claims had a direct impact on his aggressive nature in the ring.

“I just want to get in there and smash his face in, to be honest,” Whyte told Sky Sports. “Just get in there, have a fight, let’s go toe to toe and let’s have it.

“I’m just glad that there is nowhere for him to try and hide behind and try and run. He wasted time, letting me get ready for two fights, and then cancelled them at the last minute. I’m glad. He pretends to be this nice, humble guy, but he is talking sh-t. Of course I’m going to be annoyed. I’m not going to be sat there and laughing.

“I had a great camp. I’m going to be pissed off and annoyed. Povetkin was getting beat up, he got damaged in the fight, and I don’t need no time to recover. I was ready to go. How is the delay going to benefit me? I’ve always got a spiteful, nasty streak, but if someone is being respectful it’s difficult to be a certain way. Now he’s showing his true colors and he will pay for it. I am going to hurt him.

“It’s hard to be super aggressive, if someone is being cool, but that was part of his game-plan. Now I know that’s part of his game-plan.”