December 6, 2021

Ochola to Rachier: Gor Mahia letter to FKF on StarTimes deal valid and will stand

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The official maintains his communication to the federation on the position of K’Ogalo on the sponsorship arrangements remains authentic

Gor Mahia Secretary-General Sam Ochola has stated his letter authorising the StarTimes partnership deal stands overruling the club’s chairman Ambrose Rachier.

In a presser on Tuesday, Rachier suspended Ochola for endorsing the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and StarTimes deal claiming he did so without consulting other officials.

In response, Ochola has maintained he signed the letter as he is empowered by the statutes that have established his office.

“I am the custodian of the communication in the club and Head of the Secretariat for all the club’s dealings. The letter signed on behalf of Gor Mahia to FKF stands and will remain valid,” Ochola said in a document obtained by Goal.

“Guided under articles 2 (b), 11 (a), 19, 79 (a) (c) and 81 of the FKF constitution, coupled with limited time, before the league’s kick-off and of course participation in the Champions League this weekend in Rwanda, I signed the document in good faith and absolute fairness to our beloved club as the Secretary-General.”

The newly-elected official further revealed what pushed him to sign the letter that has now threatened the team that is preparing for the Caf Champions League.

“Yes, I signed the document,” Ochola added. “We had numerous discussions in the Executive Committee members’ meeting where we resolved to sign the club to the newly created FKF Premier League,” he added.

“Gor Mahia are participating in local and international football courtesy of FKF as the representative of Fifa in Kenya. Should Gor Mahia stop playing football because of an individual? No.

“It was never because I was being coerced, cajoled or blackmailed as the chairman purported yesterday. I have signed many documents for Gor Mahia as the Secretary-General and Head of the club’s Secretariat including contractual ones and I wonder whether these are also illegal under Article 15 of the club.”

The Secretary-General also shed more light on the contentious issue of the money the clubs are set to receive from the FKF-StarTimes partnership.

“The chairman alleged that FKF has not disclosed the amount of cash in the StarTimes partnership,” he concluded.

“This is the summary; every club gets KSh10 million for league participation, the sponsor also footing bills on branding, pays for referees, and covers production cost.

“Today, the chairman of Gor Mahia, who also doubles up as the chairman of KPL, knows that KPL gives a fraction of this sponsorship.

“Gor Mahia are broke! We want to gather any available monetary support to reduce the gaping operational cost even if there are no kickbacks to individuals; it is for the sake of the club.”