December 2, 2021

Jose: Why I’ve taken up social media

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Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho says he has recently taken up social media to try and open up “his world” to football fans.

Mourinho, whose Spurs side sit at the top of the Premier League table, has been active on Instagram since earlier this year, with some of his more recent posts catching the headlines.

Over the weekend he revealed how a lost bet forced him to spend £500 on Spanish ham for left-back Sergio Reguilon.

“The posts are what they are. I posted 10 minutes after the awful defeat at Antwerp, I didn’t post after Man City, it was a very good victory and we were all happy,” Mourinho explained.

“I just try to open our world to the world. People many times they love the inside, they love what they don’t see. I think the success of that Amazon series was exactly that everything was open. I think it’s good fun for everyone.

“A big Formula One let’s say, Red Bull. The drivers, the boss, I would love to know how they work. I think Instagram in this case is an opportunity for little things that don’t hurt anyone, it’s not a problem at all.

“Sometimes it’s funny, other times it’s not at all, when you post when you are upset. It’s little things for people to know our world.

“In the case of this last one, it’s a simple thing that happens. The players want a Spanish ham, it’s quite expensive, who pays? (Sergio) Reguilon has to pay because he is the Spanish one? If we win I pay, that’s it. The players, of course, were happy that I had to pay.”

Alderweireld out for two-four weeks

Toby Alderweireld
Image: Toby Alderweireld suffered an abductor injury in Saturday’s win over Manchester City

Toby Alderweireld is out of the Europa League meeting with Bulgarian side Ludogorets, but the Belgium international’s adductor injury suffered against Manchester City is not as bad as first feared.

Mourinho said: “He has a muscular injury but not as big as we initially thought.

“He will have time to be out, but not like a month which was immediately what we thought. I would say between two and four weeks, but not tomorrow.

“It’s bad news, he was playing his best football. He’s an important player that we’ll miss.”

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There had been doubts over the match taking place with reports in Bulgaria suggesting some Ludogorets players had tested positive for coronavirus.

But Mourinho said: “According to my information, that’s not true. The problems they had were immediately after the game we played there (3-1 win on November 5). They have had one more game after that, which they won, then the international break.

“Of the team that comes (on Thursday), I believe only two players who played against us are not playing. Apart from that, the other nine are in the list and ready to play.

“I don’t understand the news, there is a big contradiction between the news and the information we have.”