December 3, 2021

Why TFF must resolve Morrison transfer case before December – Yanga SC’s Mazingisa

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After the Ghanaian winger joined Wekundu wa Msimbazi, his controversial move is yet to be fully settled

Young Africans (Yanga SC) technical and administrative advisor Senzo Mazingisa has explained the need to have the Bernard Morrison saga resolved before the December transfer window.

Morrison’s move to Simba SC after six months with Yanga in August prompted the latter to protest before the Tanzania Premier League Players’ Status Committee. The committee later ruled that the Ghanaian was a free agent and available to sign for any club.

Dissatisfied, Yanga moved to the Tanzania Football Federation’s (TFF) legal committee but the case is yet to be concluded and the South African now wants it determined before the next transfer window opens.

“We have Morrison’s case that we still believe is a contract that is deficient legally. We asked questions but no one has yet reached back to us on that matter with sufficient answers,” Mazingisa told Mwanaspoti.

“What worries a lot is that that the December transfer window will soon open and they may end up taking advantage of the window to make changes to the current contract.

“We would like to have TFF hear and make a determination on the case well before the window opens up.”

The administrator also touched on other matters after he was recently summoned by police over claims he took part in match-fixing activities against his former side Simba SC.

“Another issue is the football propaganda that has been on the rise but Yanga are a stable and professional club and this also goes to the officials and the sponsors,” stated.

In addition, Mazingisa spoke about the proposed construction of a new stadium and hostels for the club.

“Everything is going on in a direction we like and especially when the committee sat and got to understand what is going on,” the South African concluded.

“We have already announced we are receiving tender applications and anyone with interest should apply for the same.

“We will start with a turf of natural grass first, an artificial one and a swimming pool, the hostels and the main office then the other facilities will follow.”

When the project is completed, Yanga will be the third Tanzania club with a training facility and hostels just like their Kariakoo rivals Simba as well as Azam FC, who have the Chamazi Sports Complex.