September 23, 2021

Christopher Vivell: RB Leipzig could visit India in 2021

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The technical director of the Bundesliga club has not ruled out the possibility of an Indian player playing in Germany…

RB Leipzig technical director Christopher Vivell has not ruled out the possibility of an Indian footballer getting a chance to play for the Bundesliga team as part of their three-year strategic partnership with Indian Super League (ISL) outfit FC Goa.

“Basically, I would never exclude anything. The cooperation starts step by step. It starts by helping each other. We at Leipzig can also learn something – the different mentality and different mindsets – and India is a huge country with many inhabitants. If we manage to educate and train well to get very good players, I will not deny if that talent has enough potential to play at Leipzig,” he said.

However, Vivell added, “But that is not the main focus here. What we want to do is that we want to get to know this very exciting club, FC Goa, and what the result will be remains to be seen.”

He added, “Basically, what the player wants to have is always the first step. So in this cooperation, the first thing is to help FC Goa in not making mistakes that we have made. I think this experience can help them (FC Goa) train and educate young Indian talent into their full potential with good scouting because scouting a player at an early stage and leading him through the academy to bring him to the senior team is actually what the first aim of a club should be.”

The official was asked whether the Bundesliga club will visit India with their first team. Vivell replied, “We hope that this will be the case next summer but it will depend on the development of the pandemic.”

With the soccer camps set to start by January 2021 (the registrations have already begun), FC Goa’s director of football Puskur plans to steadily extract the benefits of the tie-up with Leipzig.

“Right now we are focusing only on youth development, and RB Leipzig can add a lot of value. Post that, we will steadily move to the next phase where we feel that we have a solid understanding to develop a technical partnership,” he continued.

“The second step when crossing countries is permissible (due to the Coronavirus pandemic) we will have some exchange of knowledge where coaches and players from Leipzig can come to India to exchange knowledge that will hopefully help us for the future.”