December 8, 2021

Mwambusi explains why Yanga SC are happy with narrow wins

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The Jangwani giants have revealed why they are not worried about winning league matches by slim margins

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have revealed why they are not moved with the fact they are winning Mainland Premier League matches by narrow margins.

The Jangwani giants have played four matches so far this campaign, managing to win three and drawing one.

Yanga started with a 1-1 draw against Tanzania Prisons, beat Mbeya City 1-0, won 1-0 against Kagera Sugar, and managed the same scoreline against Mtibwa Sugar.

The Timu ya Mwananchi’s assistant coach Juma Mwambusi has now revealed they are not worried about the low scoreline wins, saying the most important thing in football is to win matches and promised they will soon start winning matches by huge margins.

“We are still working on our team; you know we have a new team of players and the coach is working on them to have good coordination, for now, a win is a win, we don’t care how we win for as long as we have three points,” Mwambusi told Sokaletu.

“To win is a very important thing, but for us to start winning by huge margins, we must have good coordination between the player, the new players will have to take time to do so, remember we never had pre-season training and as such the players are getting to know each other well now.”

Mwambusi continued: “What we are doing now is to continue to build the team as we try to win our matches, so it doesn’t matter how we win, as I said before, a win is a win, but later you will see a very different team, we will start to score many goals and teams should get worried.

“Our players know their roles, they are playing to win matches and I know soon we will start to score goals.”

At the end of last season, Yanga released 14 players, among them ex-Gor Mahia striker Gnamien Yikpe, captain Papy Tshishimbi, David Molinga, Mrisho Ngassa, Jafary Mohamed, Mohamed Issa Banka, Tariq Seif, Andrew Vincent Dante, Patrick Sibomana, Muharami Issa, Ali Ali, Rafael Daud, Ali Mtoni Sonso and Eric Kabamba, after they failed to win silverware.

They then moved to sign 13 players for the new campaign and also hired Serbian coach Zlatko Krmpotic to replace fired Belgian Luc Eymael.

Yanga will next take on Coastal Union in a league match on Saturday.