December 3, 2021

Klopp: Liverpool don’t have trophy priority list and are in the Carabao Cup to win it

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The Reds boss admits that changes will be made in the fourth-round meeting with Arsenal, but that does not mean the competition is being taken lightly

Jurgen Klopp insists Liverpool have no list of priorities when it comes to trophies, saying the Reds are eager to chase down Carabao Cup glory.

Many Premier League managers opt to rotate their teams in the League Cup. Klopp is no different and will be mixing things up again when his side face Arsenal in a heavyweight fourth-round clash on Thursday.

The German is, however, keen to point out that changes within his starting XI should not be taken as an indication that the Reds are prepared to write off one possible route to silverware.

The Liverpool boss said in his official matchday programme notes: “It is not a case of treating certain competitions as priorities over others. It’s about managing the situation, the circumstances and the squad.

“I have over 20 players for each match who, in my opinion, are good enough and have earned the right to play, but the rules mean I can only pick 11 to start each time. This is the hardest part of management when you are blessed to have such an incredible group of players.

“It is likely we will make changes this evening but I hate that this is perceived in a way that certain games matter more than others. This game tonight matters like you wouldn’t believe. We want to win it with all we have – but the situation and circumstances cannot be ignored.

“We played on Monday just gone and we play again this Sunday coming. We are fortunate to have players who can come in and our quality and approach not change even 0.1 per cent. For Arsenal I’m sure it is the same.

“Pep Lijnders spoke at the press conference ahead of the Lincoln City game and when a question hinted it would be impossible to win the Carabao Cup if we tried again for the Premier League and Champions League, he spoke for all of us at LFC when he said, ‘We will try.’

“That’s the truth. We will try and give everything while trying. Can we promise success? No! Can we make success happen by simply saying something about it? No! But we can try.

“We can pick what we believe to be the best side for this fixture. Pick the team we think has the best chance of getting us through to the next round. We can prepare like we do for every game – and then we go and attack the contest with the same intensity we have done every match so far this season.”

Reigning Premier League champions Liverpool will follow a midweek outing against the Gunners with a top-flight trip to Aston Villa on Sunday, with a derby date against Merseyside neighbours Everton set to bring them back to action after the October international break.