February 28, 2021

FKF Elections: Alila, Aduda tell off Nyamweya and Co for fighting process

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The aspirants have called on those who did not present their papers to keep off the exercise saying they are already losers

Two candidates who have submitted their nomination papers ahead of the forthcoming Football Kenya Federation (FKF) elections have told off those criticising the process.

On Monday, four presidential aspirants – Sam Nyamweya, Twaha Mbarak, Sammy Sholei, and Nicholas Musonye – failed to present their nomination papers claiming the process had already been rigged and promised to fight the same in the court of law.

Their decision has irked other members who presented their papers to the Electoral Board led by Kentice Tikolo with Tom Alila who will vie for the Nairobi National Executive Committee (NEC) and Omondi Aduda, who is going for the presidential seat, dismissing claims they have been compromised to sanitise the process.

Aduda on his part also confirmed he will withdraw from a joint case that has been filed at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) to contest the process.

“I hear some people are claiming I have been bought,” Aduda told reporters during a press conference. “That is laughable because when we were working together with them they did not see anything wrong with me.

“The fact is I am determined to go all the way and this time I will not be pushing anyone, if I win very well, if I lose, I’ll live with it. We cannot continue the grandstanding yet our clubs are supposed to get back to the field and play. 

“Furthermore, the rule that was locking out aspirants has been lifted, and if anyone is really serious about contesting there is nothing stopping them.

Aduda added; “I will withdraw from the case at the SDT and maybe just be enjoined as an observer as my status has now changed. That is the reasonable thing to do now.”

On his part, Alila regretted time has run out for those complaining and said only the Electoral Board, as composed by FKF, have a right to run the process.

“Those complaining had a chance to submit their papers and then wait for the ruling of the Sports Tribunal. The Electoral Board was not stopped from continuing with the process.”

Former AFC Leopards chairman Dan Mule also hit out at some candidates who have threatened not to take part in the exercise terming them as “losers”.

“The biggest hurdle has been removed and anyone who is serious should take part. We cannot have people complaining about everything and anything. If someone cannot get a clearance from the bank or the police, then they should just say instead of bringing up none issues.”

After failing to present their papers, the four aspirants called on the government to take the matter seriously by forming a Normalization Committee to take charge of the sport until fresh elections are held.

Apart from Aduda, Herbert Mwachiro, and Boniface Osano – also presented their presidential papers in readiness to face off with incumbent Nick Mwendwa for the top seat on October 17.

It will be the third time in a year that the FKF will be holding elections.

The previous two exercises were nullified by the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) last December and in March this year, with SDT chairman John Ohaga the rules of engagement were flouted on both occasions.