March 2, 2021

Vandenbroeck: Simba SC coach denies rift with striker Kagere

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The Belgian tactician has come out to clear the air over reports he fought with one of his players on Tuesday

Simba SC coach Sven Vandenbroeck has come out to deny reports he was involved in a fight with striker Meddie Kagere.

On Wednesday, social media was awash with news that the two had confronted each other in training on Tuesday after the team arrived in Mbeya from Arusha, where they beat Namungo FC 2-0 to lift the Community Shield.

The Belgian coach, who is yet to start Kagere in a match for a while now, has stated that he doesn’t have any problem with the striker and does not know where the news came from.

“I can’t use powers on my players and on unnecessary things that I don’t know where they come from,” Vandenbroeck is quoted saying by Simba’s social media pages. “I don’t have a problem, Meddie [Kagere] has no problem that’s what I can say.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Simba information officer Haji Manara rubbished the reports, claiming Simba did not train on Tuesday as the players were already tired after arriving from Mwanza.

“Here in Simba it is all happiness all the time and when people want to make us sad they come up with cooked stories, nothing like that happened, at no time did [Kagere] and [Sven] fight each other or confront each other,” Manara is quoted saying by Sokaletu.

“All those are big lies being used to divert the attention that Simba won a trophy on Sunday, they just want to spoil our party and at the same time imply that there are problems in Simba, we don’t have any problems, we are a happy family, they want to provoke us and we are not ready to be provoked.

“For you to know the reports are lies, we did not have a training session on Tuesday, they are claiming the fight happened on Tuesday, so where did it happen? All the players were given a day off to rest and no training session happened on Tuesday.

“The coach requested that all the players to have a rest, they were all resting and none went to training, so I am wondering when did it happen and where? We know them [the traitors] they are back again with lies but we will not buy that.”

Simba are keen to seal a treble once again this season after they started off the season with the Shield win. Last season, Simba won the Shield, the league, and FA Cup titles and will thus represent Tanzania in the Caf Champions League.

Simba will open their league campaign with a clash against promoted side Ihefu FC at Sokoine Stadium on Saturday.