February 25, 2021

Yanga SC condemn fans after video emerged attacking Simba SC fan

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The Jangwani giants have hit out at their own fans after they took the law into their own hands to attack a rival fan

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have warned their fans against attacking their rival fans after a video emerged of a Simba SC fan being roughed up and beaten during the Yanga Day celebrations.

On Sunday, the Jangwani giants celebrated Wiki ya Mwananchi, which was graced by former Tanzania President Jakaya Kiketwe at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

The Yanga Day is specifically a day set aside for the club to announce to the fans their plans for the new season including unveiling their new signings. Simba had also held their Simba Day a week earlier at the same venue.

However, a video emerged on Monday showing agitated Yanga fans beating up a Simba fan, who had graced the event in a Simba jersey. The fan was beaten up, his shirt torn into pieces, and was ejected from the main stadium.

Yanga have now issued a statement condemning the act by their fans and urged them to desist from such behaviours in future events.

“Yanga leadership wishes to condemn the incident which happened on Sunday when a section of our fans attacked a Simba fan attending the Yanga Day celebrations at Mkapa Stadium,” revealed the statement signed by the assistant secretary-general Simon Patrick and obtained by Goal.

“Yanga believes in the brotherly hood and good sportsmanship acts and does not accept hooliganism associated with our fans attacking the rival fans, we don’t support such acts, and will not support them in the future, we always advocate for good acts as stated in the laws of the game.

“We want to reiterate to all our members and fans that Yanga always supports being together as one family and also remind them that being rivals to Simba, does not allow anyone to take the law to their own hands and beat them, it is not acceptable.”

The rivalry between Yanga and Simba has been there since time immemorial and recently, the two giants sparked ‘a war online’ after the former moved to sign midfielder Bernard Morrison.

Though Yanga insist the Ghanaian star was still contracted to them, the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) ruled in favour of the player and Simba, and he has thus featured for them in two matches already.

While addressing the fans, Kikwete, a known Yanga supporter, waded into the issue urging his club to raid Simba for another player and that Morrison’s exit is not the end of the world for them.

“Yanga have been a club that has been poaching local talents for example from Mbao, from Simba sometimes and this time around Simba came and robbed one of your own big assets,” Kikwete said as quoted by Azam TV.

“But I know in the coming days you will invade Simba and rob one of their biggest assets too. That is the kind of life between our teams of Yanga and Simba. Being robbed and robbing your rival did not start with Morrison. No!

“That has been the habit for years and years. There was a former Yanga player called Emmanuel Albert. He was really good and Yanga were then training and playing at Jangwani.”

Yanga and Simba are getting ready for the new season which kicks off on September 6.