February 26, 2021

Vidal: Bravo and I will never be friends again

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The Barcelona midfielder is happy to play with his countryman but concedes any relationship beyond that is off the table

Arturo Vidal has declared he and Claudio Bravo will never be friends again following their public falling out while representing Chile

The duo’s relationship first began to fracture in 2017 when a 3-0 loss against Brazil meant Chile failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. 

Following the match, Bravo’s wife Carla Pardo, took to social media and blamed some players for partying too much, with Vidal seemingly one of those she was singling out. 

Since that point, Bravo and Vidal’s relationship in the national team has been subject to continued speculation with the duo generally refusing to admit there was any real issue. 

“I hope that the issue with Claudio has already been cut, they have been talking about this for two years,” Vidal said in 2019.

“I think that for once in life we ​​should think about the good of the national team and not look for non-football issues.

“Things are going to be discussed, we have 10 days, but always thinking about the national team. Now they called him [Bravo] and we are going to see what happens. That remains within the dressing room. We must work so that Chile becomes one again.”

Though the duo have done their best to silence the speculation surrounding their relationship, question marks have remained over just how well the two players get on with Vidal now conceding they’ll never be friends again but stressing they can still represent Chile together without any animosity. 

“I know the codes, I respect my colleagues. When the triumphs are, we are all friends, but when it is lost, loyalty is lost. I do not share that,” Vidal told Daniel Habif’s YouTube channel.

“Friends we will never be again, but team-mates to defend the national team we will be with great strength. He will do the maximum and so will I. In football not everyone is friends, but other things happen on the pitch.” 

It’s been a turbulent few weeks for both players at club level, with Vidal strongly linked with a Barcelona departure, while Bravo has recently joined Real Betis following his release from Manchester City