September 20, 2021

‘They will see the real Jose’ – Mourinho says Tottenham documentary will show he’s not a ‘crazy guy’

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The Portuguese insists that “nothing is fake” in the upcoming Amazon Prime show which will see his methods on an off the pitch laid bare

Jose Mourinho says the Tottenham documentary being released on Monday will show he’s not a “crazy guy” and that people will see the “real” side of him.

Mourinho undertook his third head coaching role in England back in November, replacing Mauricio Pochettino at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium after an 11-month break from management.

The Portuguese won three Premier League titles during two separate spells at Chelsea, and also delivered three trophies at Manchester United between 2016 and 2018.

However, the acrimonious nature of his Old Trafford exit led to question marks over his ability to compete at the highest level in the modern era, and he has had to gradually try and rebuild his reputation in north London.

Mourinho ultimately managed to guide Spurs to a sixth-place finish in the second half of the season, with the team’s form post-lockdown bettered by only Manchester City and United.

Tottenham qualified for the Europa League as a result, a feat made all the more impressive due to the fact the squad was decimated by injuries between January and March.

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary on the club will allow viewers a sneak peek into the first nine months of Mourinho’s tenure, and he is hopeful that the show will help to change the public’s perception of him.

In the build-up to the show’s release, several clips have been released to raise anticipation levels, with the former Chelsea boss seen accusing his players of being too nice while using profane language in one of the teasers.

“If people only watch the video that was leaked, people will think that I am a crazy guy,” Mourinho told PA. “I don’t know, but they will see the real Jose. As I was saying before, nothing is fake. Lots of people will have a perception about me and now they can confirm if the perception is correct.

“If they misjudge me and they analyse me in a different perspective, I really don’t know. The only thing that I know is that I am that and what they watch is what I am as a football coach in my football, day by day.”

Asked how the process of filming affected his day-to-day duties at Tottenham, Mourinho responded: “Sometimes I felt it was quite weird after.

“Sometimes, after a certain meeting, reaction, words or approach then you feel yourself feeling like, ‘This is part of my intimacy. This is something that I don’t want people to understand. I don’t want people to know so much inside the intimacy of my work’, but in the end, we learned how to live with it and it was fine.

“The dressing room is like a temple. We used to say what happens inside stays inside. So to imagine that people would be able to watch a half-time team talk, along with all of the good, bad and crazy moments, is great.

“We are giving people access to all of the things that you normally aren’t able to show. I can promise because I know that everything was real in this case. Nothing was prepared. Everything was just us.”

Mourinho added on how he stays motivated after almost two decades of success at some of the world’s biggest clubs: “First of all, because I’m very young.

“People think I’m very old because I have been at this level since 2002. I’m not very old. I’m very young for a football manager. It’s the kind of job where you become better with experience and not worse.

“I am not impulsive any more. I am more in control of my emotions. I think better, decide better. I think a coach, the older you get, there’s an accumulation of experience.

“You are not a player. You don’t need your body to work in the same way. You need your brain to be better. I don’t need to sprint. I don’t need to jump. I don’t need to run for 90 minutes. I need to think. So a coach gets better and better until the motivation is gone.”