February 28, 2021

Nantanda: Caf instructor explains why Uganda women’s players retire early

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The former international has urged all stakeholders to come together and support the ladies in the game

Confederation of African Football (Caf) instructor Majida Nantanda believes many female players retire early from the game because football in Uganda is still in its first phase.

Despite the undoubted talent in Uganda, women disappear from the game and those who make it, end up quitting early, and the former Crested Cranes coach has explained why. 

“It is so sad that our girls retire from active football at a tender age,” Nantanda told Fufa FM.

“This is so because right now women football is still in its first phase; that is to say that football is still based in secondary schools. For instance, schools like Ugandan Martyrs Rubaga, Rhines, Kawempe Muslims do offer bursaries to girls who can play football which helps parents to benefit over six years of education.

“After the six years at the secondary level, since we have few universities that have embraced women football, the girls lose motivation and morale which forces them to put football aside.”  

The former player has also pointed out the level of competition in women’s football and its impact.

“In addition, there has not been strong competition in women football, but at least things have improved, for example, during our generation, we stopped playing active football in 2003 when we faced the Tanzania team,” Nantanda continued. 

“Since then, there was no active football competition up to 2009, and even in 2009, we just went to a junior team of under 20.”

The instructor has now urged all involved to work together, promote the game, ensure the girls and all involved benefit.

“The Federation and football stakeholders should be able to sensitize parents and players that football is now employment, not a leisure activity,” she added.

“The club owners should also be able to pay these women to continue motivating them.

“Lastly, these ladies in football should be ready to work extra hard, our ladies once praised by media coverage, they tend to lose it and think they have everything which ends up costing them so they have to keep focused.”  

Currently, the Uganda U17 women’s team are preparing to play Cameroon in a two-legged affair in the 2021 World Cup qualifier scheduled for late October and early November.