September 28, 2021

Bob Arum: Tim Tszyu Looks Terrific, Looks Like He’s The Real Goods

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Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum is very impressed by rising superstar Tim Tszyu of Australia.

Tszyu, the son of Hall of Famer and former undisputed junior welterweight champion Kostya Tszyu, stepped away from his father’s shadow a few days ago.

In a junior welterweight prospect, Tszyu beat down and stopped former world champion Jeff Horn, before a loud crowd in Townsville on Wednesday night. Through Arum’s company, the fight was showcased in the United States on the ESPN+ streaming app.


Arum knows talent when he sees it, after helping build up some of the biggest stars in the history of the sport.

He tried to get Tszyu under a promotional deal, but the young boxer made a pact with Australian promoter Matt Rose.

“He looks terrific, he looks like he’s the real goods,” Arum said to The Age. “It’s like race horses; sometimes you can tell the colt is going to be good because the sire was good. It was on ESPN plus, the streaming service of ESPN, which now has 11 million subscribers. He looked really good.

“I talked to Matt, his manager and promoter, and he said he wanted him to fight again before the end of the year in Australia and then he would bring him over to the United States.”

Arum said it wasn’t fair for experts to constantly compare Tszyu to his famous father.

“There’s no mistaking the resemblance,” Arum said. “Kostya Tszyu was a tremendous fighter. You can’t make comparisons. Kostya was fighting at a much lower weight. I hate to make comparisons between fighters in different eras, no less the father and the son.

“[A world title is possible], but let’s not jump. He’s still a baby and needs a little bit more schooling. But I would think he’s about a year away. Probably by the end of next year he will be in a position to compete for a world title with a real good chance to win.”