April 21, 2021

TFF demands explanation from Yanga SC’s Msolla over comments in Morrison case

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The federation move to allow the Ghanaian to enter into talks and sign for Simba SC generated sharp opposition from Timu Ya Wananchi

Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) has demanded an explanation from Young Africans (Yanga SC) chairman Mshindo Msolla over his recent remarks in the Bernard Morrison case.

Msolla has been constantly questioning the decision TFF made concerning the state of Morrison’s contract with Yanga. The federation ruled the Ghanaian was free to join any other club after his six-month contract with Yanga ended.

The winger ended up joining Simba SC, a move that did not go down well with Yanga, who have vowed to challenge it at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS).

Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has received with great concern the allegations made by Young Africans Chairman [Mshindo] Msolla that the Disciplinary and Legal Committee did not listen to the club’s petition against Simba SC,” TFF said in a document received by Goal.

“Young Africans came forward to the Disciplinary and Legal Committee and claimed Simba were trying to convince their player Bernard Morrison to join them whereas he was serving a running contract.

“When the committee sat on July 2 and started hearing the case, the petitioner (Young Africans) through the interim Secretary-General and lawyer Patrick Simon stated that they wanted to withdraw the petition and argued whatever case had been brought forward to TFF was just a contract update to TFF and not a legal matter.

“From the explanation of the petitioner (Young Africans), the TFF Disciplinary and Legal Committee decided to withdraw the case.

“And the allegations by Young Africans chairman Msolla that the Disciplinary and Legal Committee did not hear their petition is not true and its aim is to tarnish the image of TFF.

“TFF has already written to Msolla and demanded an explanation on the same allegations that he made during a press meeting that was done on August 14.”

Meanwhile, Peter Mauya has spoken about his Yanga move, the expectations and the inspiration he got from former Mwananchi midfielder Haruna ‘Boban’ Moshi.

“There will be two main challenges; one dealing with pressure from fans and secondly working hard to showcase what I am capable of as a midfielder,” Mauya told Mwanaspoti.

“Truth be told the only midfielder I have ever recognised is Boban. He is a player I can sit down and watch because he possesses the ability and techniques that few players have.

“He is good in ball possession and he fights, in short, he has everything that he must possess. Personally, I would like to see him play in the Premier League again.

“He has been simply an inspiration to a lot of players.”

Mauya is among the new players who have been signed by Yanga in the August window.