November 24, 2020

Uganda set for 96th Ordinary General Assembly AGM in October

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88 delegates from 34 member associations are set to meet and discuss vital issues affecting football in the country

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) has set the date for the Ordinary General Assembly Annual General Meeting (AGM).

With the 2020/21 season set to start in October, some vital issues have to be addressed and it is the reason why Fufa has scheduled for the meeting. 

“Notice is hereby given to all Fufa members, delegates and stakeholders that the 96th Fufa Ordinary General Assembly shall be held on Saturday, October 17 at Silver Springs Hotel,” Federation’s Chief Executive Officer Edgar Watson Suubi said as quoted by the Fufa Website.

Kampala region will be hosting this year’s edition but it is not clear whether it will be done virtually or physically.

The Ordinary Fufa General Assembly comprises of 34 member associations in Uganda and it is the supreme and legislative body of football in the country. It is made up of 88 delegates.

Some of the issues to be discussed include financial statements, budgets, activity reports, dismissing of members, the permission of entrants among others.

All member associations will now be required to convene independent Annual General Meeting prior to the main one, in order to solve their internal issues and ensure their agenda is well represented. This is in accordance with the Fufa statutes.

Women’s football is also set to be discussed owing to the recent growth witnessed in the East Africa nation.

“As Fufa, we have always thought that such engagements help us to understand our successes and challenges better,” Fufa president Moses Magogo said in an earlier interview.

“We can agree to disagree here but even when Fufa or clubs have different opinions about an issue, when we meet, a solution is always found. 

“We are proud of the journey moved so far since the start of regular club football for women’s football in 2015. I can say we have registered a number of successful stories ranging from an increase in the number of girls taking part, the quality of football displayed to our national teams. 

“But at the moment we are saying can we engage another gear?”

Uganda made some structural changes in women’s football to help the country grow and for ladies to get more involved in the game.