May 9, 2021

‘Gor Mahia elections were not free, fair and credible’ – Bolo

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The administrator was defeated by a 16% margin but has since stated the process was not credible

Former Gor Mahia official Sally Bolo has refused to accept the outcome of the club elections held on Saturday, August 8.

Bolo was battling incumbent Francis Wasuna for the Vice-Chairperson role, after ditching the initial treasury role. However, the latter managed to get 226 votes which translated to 58%, leaving the former with 42%, or 163 votes.

‘The Electoral Board managing the Gor Mahia 2020 polls have miserably failed in this noble task and now leave this great club at the behest of the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) where a section of members and officials had filed a preemptive suit that will not only subject the club to long, winding and unnecessarily tedious battles but also bring it into disrepute,” Bolo said in a signed statement obtained by Goal.

The aspirant went on to accuse the Board of not allowing agents to verify the system before the exercise began stating it was a sign that the process will not be credible.

“In our unique online polling, agents ought to have been allowed to check the system before polling opened.

“Even after the election has been done and results have been announced, the board has refused to give us the logs of all the electoral transactions and since it was real-time voting, the system should be able to automatically generate the results as per vote and the location(s) where the votes were cast [in terms of IP Addresses].  

“This is a clear indication that the elections were not free, fair, and credible.”

As a result, Bolo has blatantly revealed she will not concede the result.

“This is not acceptable at all and we shall not concede defeat if this blatant fraud is left to stand. What was touted as being an open and transparent process has actually been marred by shameful rigging and vote theft. It is disgraceful and very appalling that we still have to deal with archaic behaviour such as this. 

“I will not accept this blatant disregard of vote theft and scheming. I am truly saddened by what I have witnessed. The club is greater than any individual and members’ rights to choose leaders at the club should not be subverted by a few people with ulterior motives.”