May 9, 2021

Sergio Martinez Does Not Rule Out Future Crack at Ryota Murata

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Former two division champion Sergio Martinez, 45-years-old, does not rule out the possibility of one day going after a world title.

But all of that will depend on what he’s capable of doing in his comeback fight, and then a few more solid contests.

Martinez will snap a six year retirement when he returns to the ring on August 21, facing José Miguel Fandino in a contest taking place in Cantabria, Spain.


Because of the current COVID-19 restrictions and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Martinez doubts that he’ll be able to get a second fight in 2020.

“When I was 43 years old, I said it jokingly, that I would come back to boxing when they told me I wasn’t going to be able to. Two years went by and here I am, so it’s a challenge and here I am. Facing a boxer younger than me…. everyone is younger than me. I chose Fandino, he is two years older than Chávez Jr, and I don’t I see Fandiño as old…. it is something that makes me tense and that’s something I like, I like the challenge,” Martinez said.

And regarding the possibility of fighting again for a world championship, Martinez does have some interest.

“If there is a world title in my life, it will be when I’m over 46-years-old, I cannot rule it out. There is a promise from WBA president [Gilberto Mendoza], that if I have three good fights – the fourth is a title fight against Ryota Murata,” Martinez said. 

“Right now I have to think about August 21, if I do things right then on August 22 the phone will ring. If I don’t do it right, then I will thank everyone and find myself a television series to act on. Let’s see if I have the ability to do it, I will try with all of the desire in the world. What I want least is to get hit, and if I can do it with the movement of my legs…. it will be an unknown after six years, let’s see how I respond.”