September 18, 2021

Liam Williams: Eubank, Canelo, Andrade – I Want a Massive Fight

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Liam Williams is chomping at the bit to box again. The Welshman is the WBO’s mandatory challenger for middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade but hasn’t fought since a December 21 win over Alantez Fox although he’s been vocal calling out big names while waiting for his shot.

“It’s been since December and I need to get my teeth into something,” he said to while back training under coach Dominic Inge in Sheffield.

“It makes it even more difficult because he [Andrade]’s from overseas and it’s a ball ache but what do you do? Things aren’t moving fast at the moment so let’s try and get it on. “Whether he gets a fight before, like a non-title fight, I doubt it, but give me an extension so I can get another date.”

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Williams, however, is ready to rock.

“Realistically I don’t think it’s going to be that soon, but there is a good possibility of me facing someone before I face Andrade,” he said.

“I want to get a proper camp because right now I’m all over the place; I might have a good week here [training in Sheffield] and then I might go home and eat shit and not feel good for two days, but why would I put myself through torture when I want to enjoy my life at the same time? I want a proper fight. I want a fight with someone who’s going to come and have a go. My thoughts are if they offer it to me I’m not going to turn anybody down but ideally someone outside the top 10 who’s going to come and have a go and try to make a name for themselves, someone who’s a stiff opponent who’s going to put up a fight.”

He’s exchanged words online with Chris Eubank this week, and he’s also tossed his name into the Canelo hat.

“Eubank, Canelo, there’s obviously a couple more names there, 100 percent I want to win the world title but I just want a massive fight, to get my name out there and I want to get paid,” he continued.

“It is very frustrating [seeing boxing return but not being a part of it]. I’m watching these fights behind closed doors and I’m finding them intense and you can hear the shots going in and you can really hear them landing and I want to be there. I want some of that.”