May 10, 2021

Simba SC team manager Rweyemamu questions TPLB awarding system

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The official has challenged the organizers to come with a viable way to select players who deserve to be feted

Simba SC team manager Patrick Rweyemamu has hit out at Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) for the criteria used to shortlist the players deserving awards for their performance in the concluded 2019/20 season.

In the Most Valuable Players (MVP) list, the likes of Meddie Kagere who finished as league’s top scorer, Aishi Manula, who kept the most clean sheets and the likes of Waziri Junior who managed 13 goals playing for the now relegated Mbao FC, were all omitted. 

In the midfield, the likes of Shomari Kapombe, Awesu Awesu and Feisal Salum were overlooked.

“We were dumbfounded when we saw the list because we expected some of the players who have been consistent throughout the season to be included but that did not happen,” Rweyemamu told Goal on Tuesday.

“How can a player who has won Player of the Month Awards fail to appear in the final list of best players? Then the ones making the list have never won the Player of the Month Award. You can see the contradiction which baffles everyone.   

“Which criteria did they use? I thought the easiest one could have been selecting some of the players who won the monthly awards in the season. It is basic knowledge; those players are already in the system and could not have missed. You award players you feel are the best, then overall you omit them, there is something missing, it just does not add up.”

The administrator has now urged the organizers to ensure next time they use a criteria which will not leave people with questions since football is played in the public and people can analyse players’ performance. 

Yes, they have their way of selection which I might not be aware of, but again we should not be given room to criticize the selection asking why one player has been included and another one omitted. Football is played publicly and the input of players can be assessed by everyone. 

For instance, a player like [Shomari] Kapombe, he has had a good season, how come he was not considered? He has had several assists and his performance has been consistent, same as Waziri Junior formerly of Mbao. We need to change some things.”