November 27, 2021

Yanga SC’s new signings will not deny Simba SC 10 goals – Manara

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Timu Ya Mwananchi have so far acquired four new players while rivals Wekundu wa Msimbazi are yet to bring anyone new on board

Haji Manara has again claimed Simba SC are going to score more than 10 goals against Yanga SC despite the signings the former has completed.

Yanga have been the busiest side in the transfer window so far and have brought on board Peter Mauya, Bakari Mwamnyeto, Yassin Mustapha and Waziri Junior.

Mwamnyeto’s signing has been the highlight so far because Simba and Azam FC had also made their intentions of signing the defender known.

“Last season, they [Yanga] signed 24 players and we defeated them by scoring four goals,” Manara told reporters after Simbna won the FA Cup title.

“They have already signed players in the second day of the transfer window but you know what, we are going to give them 10 goals.

“We are going to break the record next season.

“Do you think Simba have not seen players to sign? Players are not signed for the sake of doing it, it is done with recommendations from the experts.

“Yes, they have signed [Bakari] Mwamnyeto but when Simba scored eight goals against Coastal Union, was he not their defender? How do you sign four players even when you do not have a coach? 

“Simba are fighting for the African title, not the Tanzanian league title anymore.”

The spokesperson also explained why he thinks Wekundu wa Msimbazi are above the competition in Tanzania.

“I am never concerned with what happens from other sides. I am a Simba spokesperson and I am always addressing the over 38 million supporters of Simba,” he added.

“From a population of 56 million Tanzanians, we are 38 million of them.

“We are the champions of the league, the FA Cup and the Community Shield. The team [Yanga] you want me to talk about, we defeated them by four goals, and the latest opponent has also been beaten.

“In Tanzania, Simba are only playing because it is what is required from them was it not a requirement, there is no team Simba should be playing against in this country.

“We should be elsewhere in Africa playing with teams equal to Simba. But because Tanzania is our country, we have to play here.”

Manara added he is confident their players will scoop all the season-end awards.

“Take Simba to any pitch whether bad or good, we will remain Simba and we are champions. This not pride from our part we have invested a lot of money in football,” he concluded.

“Football requires serious investment, not gossip and empty talk. I can assure you, our players are going to win every season award this time around.

“How can you deny Simba players any award, unless you want to give it to [Gnamien] Yikpe [a Yanga striker].”

Simba completed their season by winning a treble – the Community Shield, FA Cup and league title.