May 9, 2021

WBC Prez on Tyson-Jones: They Should Wear Headgear, Use 16 or 18-Ounce Gloves

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World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman would like to see more safety involved in the exhibition fight between former world champions Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Their exhibition clash, fought over eight rounds, will take place on September 12 in Carson, California.

The California State Athletic Commission will oversee the contest.


Tyson, 54-years-old, will return to the ring for the first time in fifteen years. And Jones, 51-years-old, was last seen in action in early 2018.

Sulaiman wants to see more safety protocols – with both boxers wearing 16 or 18 ounce gloves, and the use of headgear. Neither boxer will wear headgear and they both have agreed to use 12 ounce gloves.

“Social media and sports media exploded with the news of Mike Tyson’s return to the ring. Regardless of being just an exhibition, the news has gone around the world and there is great interest in seeing this event,” Sulaiman said.

“Tyson will face Roy Jones Jr., who was considered for several years as the best boxer on the planet, for his great ability, hand speed, fist power and overall dominance in the ring.

“The exhibition is scheduled for Saturday, September 12, in Los Angeles, California, an eight-round contest, without headgear, and wearing 12-ounce gloves. This is a point that worries me. Both Tyson and Jones should wear headgear that boxers use in sparring , and wear 16, or even 18-ounce gloves.”

“This event is a charity initiative which is highly appreciated and seeks to give sports fans a moment of entertainment. That is why the World Boxing Council fully supports the realization of it, but I repeat, in no way can the safety of the contenders be neglected. I am certain that the California State Athletic commission is taking every single provision to ensure their safety before and during the event.”