September 18, 2021

Sergio Martinez: August 21 Will Be The Start, Or The End, Of Something Very Beautiful

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Former WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez is only a few weeks away from his return to boxing after six years of being retired from the sport.

Martinez was last seen in the ring back in June of 2014, when he was stopped by Miguel Cotto at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

At the age of 45, Martinez will return to the ring on August 21 in Spain – and before retiring he accumulated a record of 51 wins (28 KOs), 3 losses and 2 draws. He will face an opponent ten years younger but without much experience, Jose Fandino (15 wins and 6 losses).


Martinez is still unsure if his comeback will be the start of a full blown campaign to hunt down another world title.

He will evaluate his future in the aftermath of his comeback performance.

“What I have is a spectacular illusion. A desire for challenges, to live this as an adventure, I know that I have a cartridge left in the chamber, and I want to exploit it to the fullest, stretch it like gum, crush it, knead it, and make it long. And above all make it bearable, right? I just want to continue living this life that I live… that I am practically living an adventure,” Martinez told Rodrigo Tamagni.

“45 years, when practically any athlete in any discipline, or in many disciplines, would have to be retiring or retired a long time ago, I am returning. It is just that: an adventure. A stage of my life that I want to live with intelligence, with the wisdom that the previous 25 years of boxing could have given me. This of still being able to look ahead, to look ahead in a sport that is difficult like boxing.

“[I am not coming back for money], I am fortunate to have things settled and have a good life. There are very solid bases regarding the companies that I have, I have a few companies. And that works in a fantastic way. I think I come back thanks to that: because I have peace of mind elsewhere. I mean, I don’t need the money. If there is money, a big purse, great. And if there isn’t, fantastic too. I’m coming back because it is an adventure that I want to live it.

“I think [my return] can be summed up in this sentence: this fight on August 21 may be the beginning of something very beautiful or it may be the end of something very beautiful. On the 22nd I will be able to know what my feelings are. Or even on the 21st at night, after the match, I will know what my feelings are. It all depends on what I will feel, and as I feel it, we will see what the future is.”