September 18, 2021

Fufa proud of progress made in women’s football since 2015 – Magogo

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Club owners met the Federation’s president over the weekend to discuss women’s football development in the country

The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) president Moses Magogo has revealed his delight with the development women’s football has undergone in the country since 2015.

The East Africa nation made some structural changes in women’s football to help the country grow and for ladies to get more involved in the game.

Despite the growth, the administrator has challenged clubs to try and improve further.

“As Fufa, we have always thought that such engagements help us to understand our successes and challenges better,” Magogo said in a meeting with club owners and as reported by the Federation’s official website.

“We can agree to disagree here but even when Fufa or clubs have different opinions about an issue, when we meet, a solution is always found. 

“We are proud of the journey moved so far since the start of regular club football for Women Football in 2015. I can say we have registered a number of successful stories ranging from an increase in the number of girls taking part, the quality of football displayed to our national teams. 

“But at the moment we are saying can we engage another gear?”

The 43-year-old has also shed light on the financial support they were to receive from Fifa to boost women’s football in the country.

“There has been confusion by many about the financial support that Fufa will receive from Fifa,” Magogo continued.

“We shall receive $1.5 million with $500,000 strictly attached to women’s football. 

“This is not Covid-19 relief but rather a package to develop and sustain women’s football. We shall engage with you to brainstorm on how best we can allocate these funds. A paper will be made with a plan to see that everyone benefits.”

Club officials have also been appreciated for the role they have played in ensuring women’s football is promoted and developed.

“The club owners have played a key role in sustaining women’s football and as Fufa, we have good plans to continue with this journey,” Magogo revealed. 

“At least before the Covid-19 outbreak, we had registered all our [women] national teams in all the available competitions. Our U17 national team still has a chance to qualify for the World Cup and our wish is that they qualify because this will be a turning point for not only the girls but for us all.”