April 22, 2021

Yanga SC and Kenya keeper Shikhalo best in Tanzania – Molinga

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The Harambee Stars goalkeeper joined the Dockers at the beginning of the season from Bandari FC

Yanga SC striker David Molinga believes Kenya custodian Farouk Shikhalo is the best goalkeeper in the Tanzania Mainland League.

The custodian joined the Jangwani-based side at the beginning of the season from Kenyan Premier League (KPL) side Bandari FC.

While he has been deputising for Metacha Mnata at the club, the Congolese forward believes it is tough to score when the Kenyan is in goal.

“I believe Shikhalo is the best goalkeeper but people are not aware,” Molinga told Mwanaspoti.

“When in goal, he knows how to stop strikers from scoring; actually, it is not easy to score him.

“Initially, I thought it was only me feeling the same but when you hear a player like Deo Kanda sharing my opinion, then you will have no choice but believe it.”

As they say, a goalkeeper is always the first line of defending, which starts with organization and Shikhalo has been lauded for his expertise in that department.

“Only a handful of goalkeepers can talk on the pitch in terms of organizing the defence,” Molinga continued.

“However, it is not the same with Shikhalo, only that defenders at times pay little attention to what he says. 

“Then we have his ability to spread the ball using his legs, how many goalkeepers can do that in Tanzania? However, one thing that is outstanding with him, is the ability to stop strikers from finding the back of the net.”

Molinga, meanwhile, has had limited playing time, playing the full 90 minutes in just 10 games. However, he has still managed to score 11 goals for the 27-time league champions.

His contract is about to expire and it is not clear whether he will be retained or not.

The Congolese import has been a key player for the Jangwani giants after he was signed by Mwinyi Zahera, who was handling Yanga previously, but he later left, leaving Luc Eymael to take over the coaching role.

Zahera has now asked the club to make sure that they don’t do away with the striker when they beef up the squad for the new season.

“Molinga is a top striker, you can rate him alongside Simba SC’s duo – Meddie Kagere and John Bocco – Yanga should do everything to make sure he stays for next season,” Zahera said in a previous interview.

“When I signed Molinga for Yanga, many people said he will not fit into the squad and will not give the value for his money but if you ask me he proved them wrong.

“The coach only needs to understand what type of a striker is Molinga, how does he like to play, from which angle can he score goals but one thing I know, he can be rated among the best strikers in Tanzania league.

“I also said Molinga will score many goals if given the chance because the more he plays the more the coach will know if he is a good player or not, and the problem was the coach decided to bench him on many occasions and as such he did not get the chance to showcase his talent, the coach should just understand him and the chemistry will work easily.”