July 27, 2021

Morrison feels Yanga SC were behind his recent arrest in Dar es Salaam

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The unsettled midfielder now claims Jangwani giants might have played a role in arrest while in Dar es Salaam

Ghanaian forward Bernard Morrison has refused to rule out a conspiracy that Young Africans (Yanga SC) were involved after he was arrested in Tanzania two days ago.

The 27-year-old was arrested on Thursday by police in Tanzania, who was doing a routine check at a roadblock and was later released.

Morrison has since come out to clarify that he had done nothing wrong when the police impounded his vehicle and that he had seen the hand of Yanga in the whole saga to have him arrested.

“You know I am a visitor here in Tanzania and I have a feeling the whole plan [to arrest me] was planned by people at Yanga,” Morrison is quoted by Sokaletu.

“I just have that feeling Yanga were involved in the whole saga but anyway all is in the past now and I leave everything to God.”

On what transpired during his encounter with the police, Morrison explained: “I was on my way to the bank when the police officers stopped the car I was driving in, they demanded we come out which we did.

“They also started demanded for my phone saying I am a foreigner and that is when a commotion ensured and that was it, after that, they realised we had done nothing wrong and they allowed us to proceed our way.”

Morrisson was signed by disgraced former Yanga SC coach Luc Eymael at the beginning of the season, and while he struggled in South Africa, the West African settled quickly for the Timu Ya Wananchi and became an instant hit.

His goal on March 8 against Simba SC in the Kariakoo Derby won maximum points for the Jangwani-based side, although it’s not been entirely plain sailing for the attacker, who has been accused of ill-discipline on occasion. 

The latest incident was a failure to report back to the camp after his team lost 4-1 against Wekundu wa Msimbazi in the FA Cup semi-final.

It was during this match when Morrison’s conduct came under scrutiny after he was substituted for Patrick Sibomana, and instead of going to the bench, the player threw a tantrum close to the technical bench and headed straight to the dressing room, where he changed and duly left the stadium.

Yanga have always insisted Morrison, who has been linked with a transfer to Simba, has two years left on his contract but the player insists he had run down his deal and was free to leave.