April 20, 2021

Mauya: Yanga SC complete signing of midfielder from Kagera Sugar

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He becomes the first player to arrive at Timu Ya Mwanachi, who are expected to acquire more in preparation for the 2020/21 season

Young Africans (Yanga SC) have completed the signing of Zawadi Peter Mauya from Mainland Premier League rivals Kagera Sugar.

The midfielder has signed a two-year deal with Timu Ya Mwananchi and becomes the first signing made by Yanga, a development that was made public on the social media pages of the club.

Mauya has also featured for another Premier League side Lipuli FC before and his departure from Kagera Sugar follows Awesu Awesu’s exit, as the latter signed for Azam FC on July 30.

The Jangwani-based club has been linked with a number of players including Coastal Union’s defender Bakari Mwamnyeto.

Meanwhile, Yanga’s captain Papy Tshishimbi is fearful Luc Eymael’s recent demeaning utterances may end up affecting his entire coaching career in future.

“Eymael came and like any other employee, had the ambitions he had set to achieve,” Tshishimbi told Mwanaspoti.

“But he had to leave just after leading Yanga to the second place in the league. What worries me is the manner in which Eymael left the club, how it will affect him in the next destination wherever he may serve.

“There are ways Eymael would have chosen to relay his message on what was making his stay difficult but for now, it is difficult to do so because the society has delivered the judgement and some have developed hatred already.

“Football is a game that makes people from all walks of life meet and interact and there may be chances that we will meet again. 

“What is important for now, is to exercise caution so that what made him fall at Yanga does not bring him down at the next station of work.

“Yanga will remain forever but many of us came and we shall leave the way Eymael came and left.”

The midfielder went ahead to urge the club to work on what the Belgian stated are some of the reasons affecting the general performance of the team.

“For now, it is time that the club should work hard and correct faults that Eymael picked up and urged Yanga to improve on,” he concluded.

“It is important to improve on areas where improvement is needed so that next season those who are coming will not find the same challenges that their predecessors went through.”