September 18, 2021

FKF Elections: Mwendwa is dishonest and should not be re-elected – Shimanyula

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The administrator has also cast his doubt on the BetKing deal saying it does not exist

Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Cleophas Shimanyula has hit on Football Kenya Federation (FKF) incumbent Nick Mwendwa insisting he is not a straight forward person.

The Federation head has been under immense pressure from several quarters owing to several reasons, including alleged misappropriation of funds as well as poor leadership. On Friday, leaked audio, obtained by Goal, exposed a seemingly desperate Mwendwa trying to reassure his supporters that all is well.

“I told Kenyans this individual [Mwendwa] is not honest and they denied it, and wait, more will be exposed,” Shimanyula told Goal on Thursday. 

“Still, I insist, there is no sponsorship money that has come from BetKing as stated. The monies given to clubs are from Fifa, not from the so-called sponsors. That thing is meant to brainwash people.

“I saw this man in 2016, he is dishonest in his dealings, and I sympathise with my fellow chairmen, if they make a mistake of re-electing him, they will suffer and you will see.”

The official has also pointed out that even in Mwendwa’s camp, things are not smooth and it is the reason why information is leaking.

“Some of his supporters have lost trust in him and they do not have faith anymore,” Shimanyula continued.

“It is the reason why we are getting all these leaked information. They do not trust him, they are just scared of talking.

“Many people are silently crying and suffering in silence, it is just that they cannot come out in the open and say it as I do. Mwendwa has spoiled football in the country.”

Mwendwa hit out at the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) head John Ohaga for ‘interfering’ with the affairs of the Federation and challenged him to vie for the seat. However, Shimanyula insists it is the former who is on the wrong.

“Ohaga follows the rule of law to the latter as opposed to Mwendwa, it is the reason why Mwendwa is fighting him.

“Mwendwa is used to breaking the law while Ohaga does the opposite. That is why the former has lost all the cases filed.”

This comes after FKF presidential candidate Herbert Mwachiro demanded a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be set and come up with an interim committee until elections are done.