September 18, 2021

FKF elections: Fifa set to take over matter should court cases persist – Mwendwa

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The federation chief says he has made the world governing body aware of the challenges they are going through in their attempt to conduct polls

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) president Nicholas Mwendwa has claimed Fifa will take over the elections matters should it be blocked further by court injunctions.

The FKF failed to hold the mandatory elections in the last two attempts as the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) blocked them after dissatisfied members raised issues, especially regarding the electoral code.

In a leaked audio recording, Mwendwa is heard assuring his election campaign team of Fifa protection should more court cases be registered.

“I have made a clear explanation to Fifa of the risk we are facing especially people rushing to courts,” Mwendwa said in an audio message received by Goal.

“They have understood our situation and said if anyone goes to court again, it is they who will handle the situation.”

Mwendwa assured his ‘Team Blue’ campaign team that they need not worry as he hopes they will overcome the challenges.

“Members of ‘Team Blue’ let me go through it again so that everyone listens and understands,” he added.

“When you were here, I remember saying you need to be confident in order to surmount any challenge. We have seen the challenges so far but the challenges have not defeated us. This is not the time to panic.

“There is nothing to fear about although some of us were calling for fresh exercises so that our opponents should not have any more reasons to complain.

“My point is we cannot seem weak to Fifa. Fifa is being told that we are fearing elections and that we are locking people out. Let us be calm, support one another and be ready for elections.”

Mwendwa further confirmed there will be a repeat of elections for the lower level positions of the federation.

“Elections are set to be repeated from the branch levels going up to the national office. But anyone who had presented his papers and paid [the nomination fee], will not need to present them again or pay the money,” the incumbent added.

“Only opponents, if there are any at all, in every county are the ones that will present the papers and pay the requisite money.

“We have analysed and seen that in over 35 counties, there would be no opponent.

“Secondly, there will be no changes to the electoral board. This is because there is no mechanism of changing the electoral code because the national executive committee members are not in the office and I cannot call for a Special General Meeting (SGM).

“What is going to happen is, the people who want to run for the national offices and the former players will be allowed to run.

“At the branch level, there will be no changes.”