February 26, 2021

Fifa has thrown Mwendwa under the bus – FKF presidential aspirant Nyamweya

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The administrator has now asked the ‘cornered’ incumbent to embrace the stakeholders meeting as per the SDT guidelines

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Sam Nyamweya has alleged world football governing body Fifa does not support the incumbent Nick Mwendwa on the controversial clause in the electoral code which locks others from vying for the top seat.

The administrator states there is a sense of false confidence in the current regime but it is slowly fading after they were exposed by Fifa.

He alleges those who were party to rigging and manipulation of votes are collapsing, leaving the incumbent in limbo.

“We are reliably informed that Fifa has officially thrown Nick Mwendwa under the bus,” read a signed statement from Nyamweya and obtained by Goal.

“Fifa has with no uncertain terms ordered for repeat elections, inclusivity and collaboration in the FKF electoral process. The chief spin doctor and the mandarins at Kandanda House are now on the overdrive distorting the position taken by Fifa.

“For several months the beleaguered former president of FKF Nick Mwendwa has been chest-thumping, and dismissing the Sports Registrar, the Cabinet Secretary for Sports and the Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) on their firm decision with regards to the FKF Elections.

“The chief spin doctor has been courting and threatening anyone and everyone with a possible FIFA ban if things go against his grain.”  

Nyamweya has also stated the voter register should be made fresh as per the Tribunal’s guidelines and has at the same time thrown his weight behind a roundtable meeting by stakeholders to find the way forward.

“The voter register so prepared by FKF was rendered a nullity as its foundation collapsed with section four of the FKF Electoral code 2020,” he continued.

“This, therefore, means a new voter register has to be developed and agreed upon by all the parties to the FKF Elections.

“It is worth noting that the SDT called for an all-inclusive stakeholders roundtable meeting to deliberate and come up with a way forward to holding the already seven months late FKF Elections. 

“Nothing short of a free, fair, transparent all-inclusive election will resolve the FKF Electoral impasse.”

The former Federation president has now demanded consultations to resolve the election puzzle in the country.  

“We the football stakeholders, therefore, demand, which we do hereby, call for the immediate resumption of the football stakeholders’ roundtable meeting as directed by the SDT,” he urged.

“This meeting(s) must be guided by the decisions of the SDT and in compliance with Sports Act 2013 (Revised 2013), the Fifa Standard Electoral Code and the Kenya Constitution 2010.”