December 3, 2021

Dybala: Juventus already thinking about 10-in-a-row, but Champions League comes first

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The Bianconeri have maintained their dominance of the Italian game in 2019-20, with Maurizio Sarri’s side now eyeing up European glory

Paulo Dybala says Juventus are “already thinking about a 10th” successive Serie A title, but the battle for a Champions League crown is about to provide a welcome distraction for Maurizio Sarri’s side.

The Bianconeri have maintained their dominance of the Italian top-flight in 2019-20.

Juve did suffer the odd wobble when getting back to within touching distance of a crown they have held since 2011-12, but got over the line with two games to spare.

The intention of all of those in Turin is to return even stronger next season, with plans in the process of being drawn up that will allow a squad which already includes the likes of Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo to become even stronger.

There is, however, the small matter of European glory to settle before the current campaign comes to a close.

Juve trail Lyon 1-0 in the last 16 of that competition, but will take in the second leg of that contest on August 7.

Dybala is not expected to play any part in a meeting with Ligue 1 opposition, having picked up a thigh injury, but he is determined to help the Bianconeri capture a first continental title in 24 years.

“It can be hard to maintain concentration and ambition, but every victory is special,” the Argentina international told The Guardian.

“I think that’s the most important thing. I like to win, my team-mates like to win, and the club likes to win, and it’s that desire that makes us winners – but of course, it helps that we have the strongest players in the world in every position.

“We’re proud of ourselves, to win nine titles in a row is incredible, and we’re already thinking about a 10th.

“First though we need to turn our attention to the Champions League.

“It’s been such a long season already. The first game against Lyon was five months ago and so many things have happened in between, but we know what we can still achieve.

“It’ll be strange to play in the Champions League without fans, and to play just one tie in each round, but first we have to win in Turin. For now, that’s all that matters.”

While events on the field remain Dybala’s main focus, the South American is also looking to make important contributions off it.

The 26-year-old forms part of Juan Mata’s ‘Common Goal’ initiative and is aware of the need to put his public profile to good use.

Dybala said: “Sometimes I look at society and I see things that I would like to change. It sounds ridiculous, but I would love to be able to change the world in just a small way.

“The truth is that football is a powerful weapon. For whatever reason, the things we say are heard around the world, and lots of people pay more attention to footballers than they do to presidents and prime ministers and important politicians.

“I think we have to use the power we are given to send positive messages, and to be strong role models.

“I believe that if everyone in football came together we could give so much and achieve so much, to help people in need and to fulfil the ambitions of so many children.”